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for Spring 2020!

Join Jalona Marie for an exclusive hosted 8-day tour in China!

China small business expert and entrepreneur Jalona Marie, invites you to  tap into her verified, vetted, and vast network of factories, markets and vendors in China. Small group, space is limited.  


We live for experiences and have designed the tour to be unforgettable in every way 

  • Product Sourcing

    You will leverage our vast network of factories and on-the-ground support to find, vet, and get connected with the perfect factory/vendor to produce or supply your products.

  • Factory Tours

    Get up close and personal with the people, process, and machines. You will visit a variety of factories and be able to discuss your projects first-hand. 

  • Market Tours

    Guangzhou is #1 in China for the largest collection of markets. From apparel to paper goods, tea, beauty, athletic wear, to electronics...this city has it all! Buy wholesale or one at at time, the options are endless.

  • Custom Itineraries

    Your goals are important to us, that's why we customize the group's agenda based on our specific products and projects. Want to visit that factory you've been chatting with on Alibaba? Done.

  • Expert Sourcing Agents

    You will have the opportunity to connect with experienced and honest sourcing agents who can coordinate orders and shipping even after you return home.

  • Live coaching & advice

    Team Jalona Marie will coach you through the process of doing business in China. From shipping, to negotiations, to currency exchange, we've got your back.

Going to China was easily the best decision I've ever made for my business. The extensive network I built in only 6 short days, I could have never done this alone.

Cierra Lauren, Owner, Cierra Lauren Designs



An upscale boutique hotel in the heart of Guangzhou. A short from good eats, shopping, and of course, Starbucks.

*double occupancy, breakfast included*


EARLY BIRD BONUS: FREE upgrade to a suite when you book your tour by Nov. 15th!


The China Connect works with a variety of industries, these are the ones we serve best:  

  • Beauty | Hair 

    Cosmetics, Hair Products, Personal Care Products

  • Planners | Journals | Paper Goods

    Custom Planners, Books, Journals, Stickers, Packaging, Sets, Planner Accessories

  • Electronics | Accessories 

    Computer Equipment, Music/Audio, Phone Accessories

  • Fashion | Jewelry

    Custom Clothing, Blank Products, Sublimation, Accessories, Shoes, Jewelry

  • Home Decor | Furniture 

    Home Goods, Textiles, Party Supplies, Event Planning Supplies, Office Supplies

  • Toys | Gifts

    Toys, Gift Accessories,  Pens/Writing accessories, Adult Toys

Exclusive Offer

The China Tour Workbook & Planner




BY NOV.15th

This gorgeous notebook is the perfect travel companion. With a planner, intinerary, Chinese phrases, vendor log and more, you'll get even more out of your China experience. FREE when your deposit is paid by Nov. 15th. 


All tour packages inclusive of:

  • Travel Costs

    Depending on the package chosen: round-trip airfare from Chicago O'Hare to China. Ground transfers and transportation included.

  • Upscale Accommodations 

    6-night hotel stay in a 4-star hotel. Double occupancy, breakfast included.

  • Factory Tours

    We will visit a variety of factories.  Factories tours will be determined by the needs/industries of the group

  • In-Flight Wifi & Entertainment

    We will visit a variety of factories.  Factories tours will be determined by the needs/industries of the group

  • Market Tours

    Let your creativity go wild at the numerous markets we will visit. Fabric, Jewelry, Accessories, Electronics, Plus Size, Athletics....we could go on and on! 

  • On-site Coaching and Support

    Receive valuable on-the-ground coaching on how best to leverage your new connections, avoid risks, and maximize profits.

  • Translation Services

    Many of the vendors you'll meet won't speak English, with us will be professional translators and sourcing agents. 

  • Private Transportation

    Our private drivers will greet us and provide smooth and safe transport to and fro'.

  • Access to China 101 Portal

    Access Jalona's vault of how-to videos, packing lists, VISA instructions, and many other resources to help you prepare. 

  • Shipping Service

    You will buy lots of things! We help you ship it all back home. Shipping fees not included.

  • Welcome Breakfast

    On the first day of the tour, you'll enjoy a welcome breakfast with the other tour participants.

  • China Swag Bag

    Before we depart, you'll receive a gift bag of personalized goodies and items to make your trip memorable.

Going direct has been much more profitable for my business. Customer are definitely price shopping, and going to China with Jalona has allowed me to offer quality products, at competitive prices, while making more profits. It's a win-win!

Angel P., Boutique Owner/TX

Spring 2020

Business Tour

DATES: March 21st-28th, 2020

LOCATION: Guangzhou, China

Can't make the Spring tour?

Join our Fall 2020 Tour! 

DATES: September 19th-26th, 2020

LOCATION: Guangzhou, China

Working with Jalona has been amazing. She loves the business, she loves entrepreneurship, she keeps you on your toes, pushes you toward your vision.

Lena Z.

Owner/Illustrator, LenaZ Bridals


"The selection, the variety, and the sheer amount of options is overwhelming and impressive! This experience kickstarted so many ideas for future products"

Leadra W.

Owner, Warming Willow Naturals

Thinking about joining the tour? 

Want to know what it's really like?


Click below to be connected with a past participant of the China Business Tour with Jalona Marie. 


This was a dream trip and I was so glad to have come with Jalona's team - she is so knowledgeable and prepared us so well for the culture, experience, food, and even shared her secrets on how to stay healthy and avoid jet lag.

Freda E.

Owner, The Bracelet Boutique

Jalona has been the ultimate professional, even down how she did the workbook. Within the first hour of the first day I had SO many business cards to file and was happy I had the vendor log to keep them all organized.  

Chris W.

Owner, Meilie Beauty


"If you are on the fence about going to China, JUMP! Fear only holds you back. This tour was amazing and a game-changing decision for me and my business.

Kim Terry

Owner/Seamstress, Kouture Kreations



What happens after I pay the deposit?

Is there a confidentiality agreement?

Absolutely! Our primary goal is to provide outstanding service which also means protecting confidential information shared with us and any intellectual property shared within the group. 

Can I bring my spouse?

Will I have a roommate?

Will we be in the same city the entire time?

Why Guangzhou?

What if I don't have a product in mind?

Thats OK! During your discovery call, you will discuss potential business services and products. You will also have the opportunity for a deep dive into production/service capabilities of the Jalona Marie team.

What if I can't make the Spring tour? Is there a Fall tour?

Yes! Dates for the Fall tour will be released soon, be sure to get on our email list to be notified when the registration opens.

What factories will we visit?

How are the living conditions in China?

How's the food in China

Will there be lots of walking?

Yes! The tour consists of lots of walking and moving about (in and out of taxis, trains, cars, etc). You will also carry a backpack so being in decent physical shape is recommended.

How many people are going on the tour?

I have another type of business, can I source for that on this trip?

I already work with a vendor in China, can transportation be arranged to visit that vendor?

Will there be any time for personal shopping?

Yes! We will build in "free" time for personal shopping. There are several malls, and a really fun apparel market that we will visit.

How much money should I bring?

Will I need a Chinese Visa?

Do I need a U.S. Passport?

Is any of my payment refundable?

Yes. A portion of your payment is refundable depending on when the refund is requested. The deposit ($600 is non-refundable). If tour is cancelled on or before Feb. 1st, 2020, 30% of payments received are refundable.


Should I learn Mandarin/Chinese?

With a sharp business sense, a fearless approach to business and an innovator's instinct, Jalona is smashing goals and taking others along with her. With over a decade of experience working with factories and B2B outlets in the Far East, she has developed a network of tried and true connections that have enabled her to grow her own bridal business as well as launch 3 other lucrative enterprises.


Her frequent trips to China has allowed her to expand her network and hire on-the-ground support for her enterprises as well as her private clients. She's worked hard to establish win-win relationships, she's now raised the bar and established "Hezuo" up close and personal, and wants you to win too.