The China Connect works with a variety of industries, these are the ones we serve best:  

    • Planners | Journals | Paper Goods

      Custom Planners, Books, Journals, Stickers, Packaging, Sets, Planner Accessories

    • Health| Hair | Beauty

      Salon Equipment & Products, Health Products/Supplements, Cosmetics, Hair Products, Personal Care Products

    • Electronics | Accessories | Medical Supplies 

      Computer Equipment, Music/Audio, Phone Accessories, Medical Supplies, Car Accessories

    • Fashion | Jewelry

      Custom Clothing, Blank Products, Sublimation, Accessories, Shoes, Jewelry

    • Home | Furniture 

      Home Goods, Textiles, Party Supplies, Event Planning Supplies, Office Supplies, Kitchen Gdgets, Bathroom Solutions

    • Toys | Gifts

      Toys, Gift Accessories,  Pens/Writing accessories, Adult Toys

    Going to China was easily the best decision I've ever made for my business. The extensive network I built in only 6 short days, I could have never done this alone.

    Cierra Lauren, Owner, Cierra Lauren Designs


    This was a dream trip and I was so glad to have come with Jalona's team - she is so knowledgeable and prepared us so well for the culture, experience, food, and even shared her secrets on how to stay healthy and avoid jet lag.

    Freda E.

    Owner, The Bracelet Boutique

    Jalona has been the ultimate professional, even down how she did the workbook. Within the first hour of the first day I had SO many business cards to file and was happy I had the vendor log to keep them all organized.  

    Chris W.

    Owner, Meile Beauty


    "If you are on the fence about going to China, JUMP! Fear only holds you back. This tour was amazing and a game-changing decision for me and my business.

    Kim Terry

    Owner/Seamstress, Kouture Kreations


    LIVE @ 9 WREG

    Topic: China Tariffs 

    The China Connect Founder, Jalona Falkner, was a guest on WREG Channel 3 were she shared how business can be profitable during the US/China Trade War. She also gave several products that were tariff-free. Stay tuned for the air date.


    Topic: China Tours & Sourcing

    Jalona shares her entrepreneurial journey and how it lead to launching The China Connect. She discusses China traveling to China can boost small business profit.

    Read interview here



    Topic: Fashion, Style, and China!

    Kim Newsome is THE premier stylist in the Mid-South and Jalona was her guest to talk Fashion, Style, and China! 

    She will also host a group of stylist to the LA Fashion district in March 2020. 


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    Topic: The Entrepreneur's journey and Lessons Learned 

    In the studio with The Grandest Podcast, Jalona shared her entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned as well as a special connection to co-host Cynthia Daniels. Stay tuned for air date.